MP Soap Making Workshop

Why do you need to buy soap

When you can just

make your own soap?



Be a soap crafter today!



Is easy and fun to make them!

Just 2-hour you can

100% DIY your own

Anti-Bacterial Soap

Calling for all DIY enthusiasts

Soap making can be lots of fun and

environmental friendly project!  

Time to unleash your creativity and talent

through Green Origin 

Anti-bacterial MP Soap Making Workshop!

You acquire 100% real skills

and 100% can DIY

your own soap after this workshop

This workshop will be instructed by

Pei Ling, the founder of Green Origin

with more than 7-year of

soap making experience.

DIY your handmade soap

to enjoy a bubbly bath time

or it's just nice to give as a gift

It’s perfect for beginner soap makers.



​Simple melt and pour soap with

100% step by step hand-on learning 

whilst having loads of fun!

After workshop,

you're able to DIY your own

Anti-bacterial Hand Wash Soap

either for own use or sell online

No scary chemicals and vegan

It's safe for you and your family

Protect your family from nasty gems

with good hygiene practices

So grab your seat now!

No worries

You 100% can do it by yourselves

Green Origin


Anti-bacterial MP Soap Making Workshop

You will learn

  • Overview of various types of soap making process


  • Fun hands-on learning of the basics of making melt and pour soap in cute and colorful shapes


  • How to cut, melt, add essential oil/color, pour, set and unmold the soap


  • How to avoid air bubble trapped in the soap


  • How to store your soap

  • Why your soap is "Sweating"?


  • Precaution while handling the ingredient

You will bring home

  • 2 - 6 pieces (depending on the mold size) of nicely wrapped, lovely and colorful soaps handmade with love

Q & A Session

  • +/- 30 minutes

Hurry, Sign Up Now!

Green Origin


Anti-bacterial MP Soap Making Workshop

After this workshop

You 100% can DIY

your MP soap at home

You can use it for

hand wash and bath

Either for own use, sell online

or give it as a gift


Let's make it together with

Green Origin 

Join us and have a fun-filled weekend


For mommy and daddy

Bring your kids and have

a quality parenting time together

Your kids will sure love it! 

Sign Up Now!

Green Origin


Anti-bacterial MP Soap Making Workshop



(including ingredients and use of tools)

Kids friendly

5 – 6 years old kids should be

attended together with either mom or dad

Fees will be considered as 1 pax

You will sure have a fun and unforgettable

learning experience!


22/2/2020 (Saturday)




2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Wisma Yap Chor Ee

15, 16 & 17, Pengkalan Weld,

George Town

10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Maximum 30 pax

First Come First Serve

I Want To Sign Up
Please select one of the category
  • Payment in advance

  • No refund and replacement class is allowed if unattended

Any enquiry, Whatsapp 012-4878136

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